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An additional 52 million children

Were enrolled in primary school globally from 1999 to 2008.

News and press releases

National experts discuss further improvement of the social protection system in the country

Representatives of the governmental and non-governmental organizations, research and financial institutions participated in the workshop ‘Uzbekistan Social Protection System Assessment’. It was organized by the Ministry of Employment and Labor Relations, UNICEF, the World Bank, and International Labor Organization.

Government of Uzbekistan explores ways to save lives of newborn children

Representatives of the Legislative Chamber of Oliy Majlis, governmental and non-governmental agencies, international organizations and health care professionals from all regions of Uzbekistan participated in the National consultation on reducing preventable newborn death and improving the quality of newborn care.

Coaching justice professionals for interviewing child victims and witnesses of crimes

Every year some children come in contact with the law enforcement agencies in Uzbekistan, either as victims and witnesses of crimes. When a child walks into a police station to be interviewed, he or she is already stressed of an unknown environment and strangers around. Not knowing the procedures, repeated interviews, and confrontations with the offender can further negatively affect child’s wellbeing and distort the account of events.

Uzbekistan explores new approaches in social work

For Nilufar Muinova, social work covers extensive areas. One of the aspects is the prevention of crimes by children living without parental care. “The measures undertaken to help these neglected children to fulfill their potential and return to a healthy lifestyle is a function of social work practice,” she says.

Protecting children in contact with the law in Uzbekistan

Investigators from the Ministry of Interior, teachers of the Academy of Prosecutor’s General Office and criminal court judges participated in a training organized by UNICEF to understand good international practices on interviewing children who are victims and witnesses of crimes.

Addressing the Needs of Vulnerable Children Left Behind by Migrant Parents

One thousand families of migrant workers in Uzbekistan will be assessed in four regions of Uzbekistan – Bukhara, Khorezm, Fergana and Surkhandarya provinces – to identify the needs of children affected by migration.

Uzbekistan reaffirms its commitment to improve protection of vulnerable children

A high-level international conference was organized in Tashkent to discuss various measures for protection of vulnerable children in Uzbekistan. The event brought together the country’s Government officials and international experts to deliberate over national policies and good international practices.

Global Handwashing Day-2018: Clean Hands – a Recipe for Health

October 15th is Global Handwashing Day!
This year, the Global Handwashing Day theme focuses on the links between handwashing and food – including food hygiene and nutrition.

Every Girl Deserves a Good Education and Profession

Probably many men want a son. At one time, this applied to me also. When my wife and I waited for the first child, I was mentally prepared to rejoice whether it would be a boy or a girl. The most important thing was that the child is healthy. Then my daughter was born. Later, we had two more girls in our family.

11 October, International Day of the Girl

The Girl. Born to be Happy
Every child deserves a fair chance to reach her or his full potential. However, gender inequalities pose a challenge for girls to achieve this reality around the world. To promote girls' empowerment and the fulfillment of their rights, the world commemorates 11 October as the International Day of the Girl.