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A 56% decline

In under 5 mortality rate was recorded in the CEECIS region from 1990 to 2011.

News and press releases

The day to speak out about what many prefer to keep in secret

On 2 April 2017 the members of the club “Angelochek” (a small angel), which consists of the parents raising children with autism, organized a small event with the support of the Entertainment Trade Center “Samarqand Darvoza”.

Denis Istomin: what makes children grow into successful adults

Denis Istomin is one of the most popular sportsmen in Uzbekistan. Denis started his active sports training in early childhood. Since then and up to now his mother, Klavdiya Istomina is his personal coach. This combination of mother’s care and professional training has brought about an outstanding results. Today Denis is well-known for his achievements. He talks about his vision of the importance of parents’ role in the children’s development.

What we should know about autism

For eight years on 2 April people around the world dress up in blue, set up blue lights on iconic landmarks and share photos of blue objects across social media and blogs to attract attention to the issues of autism via #LightitUpBlue campaign. 

The mother of a sunny child: the world of bright colors and smiles

Shahnoza Ikramova is a strong mother and head of a specialized non-governmental educational organization “Umnichka”, which provides assistance to the families with children with Down Syndrome. She shares her experience of being a parent to a special child and all the stages she had to go through. 

Gulsara Rajabova: Art as a therapy

Gulsara Rajabova has given her life to art. Inspired by her uncle Qosim Mirahmedov, who was a famous sculptor, and who with his example first showed her that disabilities cannot stop an artist from creating. Observing him in the process of work as a child, she later became a talented sculptor and an honorary member of the Art Academy of Uzbekistan. However, most of the people know her not just for her golden hands, but for her kind heart and strong spirit. She grew up in a family with 9 other children, most of which were adopted by her mother. She describes her childhood as the time when she learnt equity in practice.

The journey of the first woman conductor in Uzbekistan

Dilbar Abdurahmanova strikes you at the first moment you meet her. This strong woman, People’s Artist, State Prize Winner, conductor of the symphonic orchestra of the State Academic Theatre named after Alisher Navoi, professor, she has broken all the stereotypes, becoming the professional of the highest level in this traditionally male profession. She is very dedicated to her job and even now at the age of 80 she continues her work as the senior worker of Alisher Navoi Theatre. 

Women in technologies. Non-female professions? Haven’t heard.

Shodiyabegim Bakhtiyorzoda is the scholar of the TechWomen program- 2015 from Uzbekistan. She is a striking example of the successful woman who chose not the most traditional profession for females.  By her example Shodiyabegim has been motivating young girls on fulfillments, persistence on achievement of their objectives and self-confidence.

A mother’s thoughts: when your child is living with HIV

Shahista, the mother of 18-year-old Zahid (name changed), who as a child suffered an accident as a result of which he has been living with HIV for 11 years now. Having found out about her son’s status, Shahista decided not to delay the disclosure, so that he could more easily accept and get accustomed to it. 

Investing in qualified social workers as a guarantee of better protection for the most vulnerable

In connection with the focus on social protection of the most vulnerable brought up in the Strategy of Action for Development of Uzbekistan and other recent reforms, the country will need more social work professionals to render targeted social services. The recent adoption of the Law on social services also will add to the need for more social work professionals.

Unite to Fight Discrimination

The world celebrates 1 March as Zero Discrimination Day and it’s time to use a chance to challenge discrimination, however and wherever it happens. It is an opportunity to come together against discrimination and celebrate everyone’s right to live a full and productive life with dignity.