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Message from UNICEF Representative on the 20th anniversary of UNICEF in Uzbekistan

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25 April 2014
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TASHKENT, 6 April 2014 - We are happy to see how much attention Uzbekistan pay to the future generation – their children. Naming 2014 year the “Year of Healthy Child is just one confirmation of the Government’s commitment to advance the child rights agenda and implement CRC which was ratified by Uzbekistan 20 years ago.

In 2014, UNICEF will support to the MoH in its efforts to improve Quality of Health Care Services. This includes development of Quality Improvement system, revision and development of standards and protocols based on the last international recommendations. All this complemented by capacity development of professionals in the area of health, nutrition and HIV/AIDS. By the end of the year over 7,000 health professionals (managers, doctor, and nurses) will enhance their capacities on newborn and child survival packages so they will be able to provide better quality of health services starting with the birth of the child in maternities and continuing at different levels of care. Supportive supervision system will be strengthening to provide continues support to professionals in doing their job better. UNICEF is also keen to ensure that this efforts contributes to long term goals ensuring a full reliable continuum of care from the primary level through district, regional and national level health facilities.

In order to make the results of capacity development sustainable, all training packages were included into medical university pre-service curricula – so all future doctors will be equipped with modern recommendations in the area of MCH.

UNICEF will continue to support the Government of Uzbekistan in strengthening routine immunization, including introduction of new vaccines. Rotavirus vaccine will be introduced this year – the vaccine that protects the children from rotaviruses, which are the leading cause of severe diarrhea among infants and young children. In regards of immunization I would like to mention that Uzbekistan Gov. made substantial efforts in ensuring financial sustainability of Vaccination Plan – almost 90% of the budget for vaccine procurement is Gov. Budget. Not so many countries in the world could show such commitment.

UNICEF will continue to provide support to children affected by HIV and their families thought Day Care Centers. Annually over 50% of the total number of children living with HIV benefit from psycho-social assistance, including on disclosure of HIV status, in such centers.

We recognize that not only health sector is responsible for health of the population, including children. UNICEF will work with communities, families and adolescents to empower them to apply positive practices in the area of health, nutrition, hygiene, child care and development. Parent education will be expanded and made integral to all components with the aim of improving parenting skills by providing them with capacities for decision making for their children well-being.

Of course we are not alone in all this work. Strong partnership is created in the area of MCH with MoH, UNICEF, EU Delegation, WHO, UNFPA, WB, CIZ, KfW and other international partners. This partnership makes our efforts more effective and efficient in our common work – healthy and happy children.  

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