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More than just fun – Learning about child rights

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10 June 2014
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TASHKENT, 10 June 2014 - Half a dozen children are crowded around a card-matching game, each card detailing one ‘Right of the Child’. The players try to quickly match all the cards by their colours and messages, and as soon as one game is finished a new spread is quickly dealt out and another challenge begins. This game was part of a youth education event held Sunday the 1st of June in recognition of International Children’s Day, organised by UNICEF in partnership with the British Council. This year’s celebration is particularly special, as 2014 is both the 25th anniversary of the Convention on the Rights of the Child and also the ‘Year of the Healthy Child’ in Uzbekistan. To bring the Rights of the Child to the fore in 2014, UNICEF’s priority is to give children the knowledge and empowerment they need to ensure their rights are recognised and protected. The International Children’s Day event is a good example of this effort. Visitors played interactive games with a particular focus on the importance of education, and received simple-language publications that detailed their rights and responsibilities. The event was also a chance for children and young people to speak directly with UNICEF staff, to build dialogue about the Rights of the Child, and to discuss how the rights can be upheld in schools, communities, and most importantly in homes. Please visit the Children and Adolescents section of our website to learn more about how UNICEF is empowering young people in Uzbekistan.
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