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Boosting funding for pre-primary and secondary education

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18 September 2014
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TASHKENT, 18 September 2014 - An application for a $49.9 million education grant has been approved for Uzbekistan by the Global Partnership for Education on the 28th of June, 2014, to be used for improving pre-primary and secondary schools programs. The grant is a part of the Educational Sector Plan, which will be implemented by the Ministry of Public Education, coordinated by UNICEF and supervised by the World Bank.

To be utilised from 2014 to 2017, the grant will be used to improve the coverage and quality of pre-primary education through the introduction of alternative preschool models in rural. It will also be used to enhance the quality of resources available at rural schools, and to strengthen the capacities of school teachers and their tutors at the In-service Teachers’ Training Institutes throughout Uzbekistan. The grant will improve the education opportunities of an estimated 412,000 children.

Through this program, an estimated 50,000 children aged 5 to 6 will be enrolled in half-day pre-primary programmes, while 62,000 children enrolled in early childhood education centres will benefit from improved outdoor facilities. 300,000 children who are not enrolled in early childhood education will benefit from the distribution of storybooks, which will also be made available at preschools.

The grant will also improve learning outcomes for rural secondary schools, by improving the training system for teachers and school managers, by increasing the availability adequate equipment and teaching and learning materials, benefiting an estimated 850,000 children from 1,220 general education secondary schools.

The grant’s funding will also be directed towards developing the abilities of education professionals. 2,000 pre-primary teachers will be trained in child-centred approaches and holistic early childhood development. An additional 200,000 teachers and school managers from pre-primary and general educational secondary schools will benefit from professional development courses. The benefits of these outcomes will be carefully monitored and evaluated.

Visit the Global Partnership for Education website to learn more about the grant, and also visit the education programme section of our website.

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