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Best wishes from UNICEF Uzbekistan to all women and girls on the eve of the International Women’s day!

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06 March 2015
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On the eve of the International Women’s Day UNICEF Uzbekistan would like to congratulate all women and girls with the International Women’s Day!

This is the first spring holiday – a good occasion to confess our sincere respect to the counterparts, young people, and all women working for and with children.

The world harmony is based on kindness, wisdom, justice and mercy of a woman. Thanks to the women, the conflicts are resolved and the life on the Earth continues. They are an embodiment of care, personification of warmth and coziness, the source of inspiration...

We wish their lives to be full of the sun light, new senses, delighted looks, smiles and flowers! We wish a holiday spirit, charm, joy, success and wealth! Be happy and beloved!

Author: UNICEF

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