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Immunization could save nearly 25 million lives between 2011 and 2020

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24 April 2015
Press release

TASHKENT, 24 April 2015 - World Immunization Week (WIW) celebrated in the last week of April (24-30) aims to promote one of the world’s most powerful tools for health – the use of vaccines to protect people of all ages, particularly children, against preventable diseases.

WIW is celebrated by Governments, WHO and UNICEF with their immunization partners and civil society organizations around the world. The theme for this year’s edition of WIW is “Closing the Gap”- a direct appeal to the global health community to focus on vaccinating the most marginalized children and completing this unfinished agenda in child health. All children, no matter where they live or their circumstances, have the right to survive and to reach their full potential. For all children to have a fair chance for a healthy future, those in greatest need must be protected with vaccines.

WIW aims to refocus public attention on the importance of vaccination for children and adolescents. This time WIW will signal a renewed global, regional, and national effort to accelerate action to increase awareness and demand for immunization by communities, and improve vaccination delivery services.

Immunization is widely recognized as one of the most successful and cost-effective health interventions. By protecting children against fatal diseases, vaccines keep them alive and healthy. It prevents between 2 and 3 million deaths every year and now protects children not only against diseases for which vaccines have been available for many years, but also against diseases such as pneumonia and rotavirus diarrhea,two of the biggest killers of children under 5.

Uzbekistan is a headliner of the CEE/CIS region in introducing new vaccines. In 2014 country started to use rotavirus vaccine and in 2015 pneumococcal vaccine will be introduced into the National Immunization Calendar. By doing so Uzbekistan is showing commitment to the Global Vaccine Action Plan (GVAP). The Plan is a framework to prevent millions of deaths by 2020 through universal access to vaccines for people in all communities. Introduction of new and improved vaccines is one of main goals of the GVAP.


UNICEF promotes the rights and wellbeing of every child, in everything we do. Together with our partners, we work in 190 countries and territories to translate that commitment into practical action, focusing special effort on reaching the most vulnerable and excluded children, to the benefit of all children, everywhere.

To learn more, please visit the UNICEF Uzbekistan web sitewww.unicef.uzand follow us at theFacebookpageUNICEF Uzbekistan.

For further information please contact:

UNICEF Uzbekistan Country Office

16, Sharof Rashidov Street, Tashkent

Phone: 99871-239512/2339735

Ms. Svetlana Stefanet, Head of Health Section


Ms. Kamola Safaeva, Health Officer


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UNICEF is the driving force that helps build a world where the rights of every child are realized. We have the global authority to influence decision-makers, and the variety of partners at grassroots level to turn the most innovative ideas into reality. That makes us unique among world organizations, and unique among those working with the young.

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