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A Picture Speaks a Thousand Words – Inspiring children, Listening to Children

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11 November 2015
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«It felt like we are all one family. Nobody is ignoring or isolating me," says Madina, a wheel-chaired girl from Tashkent Region, at a UNICEF-supported photography workshop for children, held in Tashkent in October to help promote inclusive education.

The workshop, which brought together around 20 children from the capital,was conducted by Giacomo Pirozzi, a renowned photographer from Italy, who convened several such workshops in more than 130 countries around the world. Some of his young Uzbek students, once participants in similar workshops, went on to take up photography professionally.

«I was so happy to see progress in inclusive education and see some children with disabilities in class with all other children," Giacomo has said, speaking of a previous child photo workshop he conducted.

The very first day of the event started with a reminder of children’s rights. «One of the important rights is your right to speak your mind freely — about issues that affect you. And it is important that you use this right, because what you say here, will be important for other children like you in other parts of the world. They will learn from what you have to say. All of us have to listen to you," Berina Arslanagic-Ibisevic, UNICEF’s Deputy Representative, said in her opening speech.

The workshop, the first in a series of two, was organized in partnership with the Republican Centre on Social Adaptation of Children. The programme involved field training sessions allowing children to gain real-life experience taking pictures.

«My child, who is physically-impaired took part, along with other children," says Gulnoza, sharing her thoughts about the event. «We’re very glad that our children are getting such prominent attention and being given such opportunities.»

These photographs taken by children will be displayed at an exhibition to be inaugurated as part of the celebrations of the UNICEF Day of the Child in November.

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