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Social Media Campaign Rolls Out to Commemorate the World Autism Awareness Day in Uzbekistan

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06 April 2016
  • Actor Adiz Radjabov joins Leyla and Artyom in saying “It’s OK to be different”.
  • Actor Adiz Radjabov saying “It’s OK to be different”.
  • Actress Asal Shodieva celebrates the World Autism Awareness Day.
  • DJ Piligrim also joins the World Autism Awareness Day.
  • “It’s OK to be different” says Sardor Milano.
  • Lola Yuldasheva says that autistic children sometimes find it hard to make friends. She calls upon us to look at the world with their eyes.
  • Singer Shohruhxon Yuldashev marks the World Autism Awareness Day and calls us to be open-minded.
  • “Accept the difference” – calls singer Ziyoda Qobilova.
  • Actress Yulduz Rajabova says that “It’s OK to be different.”
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It’s OK to be Different! – says the tag-line of the social media campaign aimed at raising awareness of autism in Uzbekistan.

Eight eminent celebrities from the world of television, music and films join Leyla and Artyom, two autistic children from Tashkent to mark the World Autism Awareness Day on 2 April. Together, they produce and share video and photo essays that call to accept and respect the difference.

UNICEF in Uzbekistan joins this initiative to reach out to a larger audience about key issues of children living with autism. The Republican Centre for Social Adaptation of Children also supports this important campaign.

Least known about disability type so far, autism spectrum disorder (ASD) can be associated with intellectual disability, difficulties in motor coordination and attention, and physical health issues. Some persons with ASD excel in visual skills, music, math and art.

“One in 88 children in the world is autistic,” - says singer and actress Lola Yuldasheva who has inspired the campaign and took a lead in its design and promotion. “Our goal is to get the message across that children with autism are not any different from other children, except that they look at the world differently, and we call everyone to accept this difference.”

The campaign is gaining a lot of popularity among the Internet audience. The followers continue to share the content placed on different social media platforms including Instagram and Facebook. According to the celebrities, over 45,000 Internet users have seen and reacted to the campaign to date. Over 2,500 have shared the content on their own social media platforms.

“Children with autism could be anywhere, including among your family and friends,’ - says DJ Piligrim, one of the campaign participants. “We call all people to be open-minded and try to see things from these children’s perspective. We call to respect diversity.”

Other participants of the campaign include actors Adiz Radjabov, Yulduz Rajabova and Asal Shodieva, and singers Ziyoda Qobilova, Sardor Milano and Shohruhxon Yuldashev.

To learn more about the campaign, please follow the link:

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