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Safe Childbirth – Investing in the Golden Minute to Help Babies Breathe

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21 April 2016
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Safe childbirth is critical to the health of both the mother and the new-born child, and a healthy start in life is an essential step towards a healthy and happy childhood. Therefore UNICEF pays special attention to neonatal care in Uzbekistan and continues its cooperation with the LDS Charities.

‘Global evidence highlights that new born mortality forms the highest proportion of infant mortality. If we have to address the issue of child survival, we must focus on the survival of new borns,’ says Svetlana Stefanet, Chief of Health, UNICEF in Uzbekistan.

In April 2016, the LDS Charities with support from UNICEF and the Ministry of Health conducted ‘Helping Babies Breathe’ (HBB) training for health care providers from maternities of Kashkadarya region and the Republic of Karakalpakstan. This training provided knowledge and skills on new-born care. It focuses on ‘The Golden Minute’ when stimulation to breathe and ventilation with bag and mask can save a life. 240 health care professionals were imparted crucial knowledge and skills on new-born resuscitation.

«Unfortunately, some new born children do not survive the first few minutes of their lives due to breathing troubles. This can be prevented by professional care. This UNICEF-supported training was very useful for us, as we were able to practice with mannequins and we are better equipped now in saving these babies in real-life situation," said Salamat Ruzieva, neonatologist of the Ellikkala district maternity of the Republic of Karakalpakstan.

In addition, the LDS Charities provided mannequins for training purposes and supply equipment for neonatal intensive care in delivery rooms. As a result of that all maternities in two regions were provided with equipment for neonatal intensive care along with visual training materials.

Government of Uzbekistan has declared 2016 as the ‘Year of Healthy Mother and Child’. UNICEF contributes to the efforts of the state program by improving the quality of health care services for mothers and children.

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