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GIFFONI – A Film Festival for Children Ignites Young Minds

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20 July 2016
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“Good ideas can make little miracles, and Giffoni is one of those,” Says Raffalele Cantone, one of the chief guests at the Giffoni Film Festival in Italy. He added “Giffoni is the proof that constant efforts can make little miracles, even in a small town like this.”

Each year the small movie-loving town of Giffoni becomes home to the largest international children’s film festival in the world, welcoming over 3000 young people fr om 146 countries of the world. The Festival, once again, welcomes kids from all over the world to watch and engage in the filmmaking process.

Giffoni allows youth from all over the world to share and express their ideas and views. It also provides them an amazing opportunity to interact with their peers with different perspectives.

This year, four young children from Uzbekistan also arrive in the southern Italian town bustling with energy. Mirodil, Elzoda, Aselya and Javlon are part of the international jury and will share their ideas with other jurors.

The young jurors from Uzbekistan continue to meet children from other countries, and benefit from the experience of sharing knowledge and views from different cultures and backgrounds.

The opening ceremony of the 46th edition of the Giffoni Film Festival takes place at the Giffoni Valle Piana Cittadella del Cinema on July 15, 2016. It is dedicated to the memory of many children and young people who became victims of terrorism in Nice, France on the day before. As the curtain lifts on this special film festival for children, a message of solidarity and inclusion goes out to all children and youth of the world.

“I have impressions which I cannot describe” said 14-year old Mirodil Mirkhamidov from Tashkent. He goes on to say that “I have already made many new friends here, and I enjoy the friendly environmet at the festival events as well as in Italian family I stay with.”

The jurors throughout the years have helped Giffoni develop into a multicultural event wh ere young people have the chance to make themselves heard and celebrate the festival with joy and enthusiasm, as Giffoni for youth is a great platform with a task.

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