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Tatyana Markaryan: «Breast milk protects my son from the diseases»

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02 August 2016
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Our baby was born prematurely. I started bleeding and had to have an emergency Cesarean section. Our child was in the Intensive Care Unit (ICU) for a week, he couldn’t eat without help, and some family members suggested early on to substitute breastfeeding with the artificial breast milk alternatives. They were worried about my well-being, saying “it will be challenging for you, you won’t be getting enough sleep.”But I refused because I decided that it was better to make sacrifices now so that later my child grows up healthy. I wanted to breastfeed.

My baby had to be fed every 40 minutes to an hour. I pumped my milk, and brought it over to the ICU myself. My child was small, and so every time he began crying I put him to my breast.

By the time he turned one, he caught up with kids his age mentally, in terms of his nervous system, and his height and weight. I believe that if we had chosen artificial substitutes instead of breast milk, he wouldn’t have caught up with the other kids his age.

Mother’s body produces what the child needs. When my child was born prematurely, my body sensed that the baby needed more nutrition in his food. But more importantly, love also transfers while you hold your baby, when the child is in your embrace!

Today I can confidently say that I do not regret my decision. Even though I was tired after anesthesia and surgery, breastfeeding was still the right choice. Plus it’s very convenient and it saves money. No sterilizers, bottles, and baby formulas that spoil, just clean and healthy food.

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