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Kseniya Ryzhkova: “Breastfeeding is as natural as breathing, eating or drinking”

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03 August 2016
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Pregnancy was the most wonderful time of my life. My baby was long-awaited and loved even before his birth.

Unfortunately, when it came to delivery, things did not go as planned. I underwent an emergency caesarean section, and as a result both my baby and I went to the different departments of the intensive care unit, thus, putting to baby to the breast immediately after the birth was out of the question.

After leaving the intensive care ward, I saw my son for the first time – one bundle of happiness he was! At that time there was no one to show how to breastfeed him, but we both knew exactly what to do. It was all instinctive, before the birth I did not even think that one may have any problems with the breastfeeding. To me the breastfeeding came as naturally as breathing, eating or drinking. My child took to my breast, and it filled me the true joy.

Shortly after that, I was transferred to the regular ward. When the doctor brought in my baby, I could not let my child off my arms. It felt like we had never parted and we were still one whole human being after his birth.

Alas, the next day, my son was not able to take the breast and eat well. I did not understand why but the child who would suckle very well, suddenly ceased to do so. For about half of the day I tried to do something about it on my own. Nothing really helped. I panicked and called the doctor and the nurse. They began to show how to pump the milk from the breast, which resulted in damaging the nipples with deep cracks formed. When weighed, my son was found to have lost 200 grams. He had fever from hunger and dehydration.

I was ready to do anything to ensure that my son would suckle.

I decided at all costs to fight for breastfeeding. Some primeval maternal instinct guided me, and gritting my teeth I put my breast into my child's mouth. And, oh miracle, the child took the breast, and began to feed! I was crying with joy as I nursed my baby. Since then we had no need in the baby formula. >/p>

Soon we were discharged from the maternity ward, and went home. A week later, I had to return to the hospital. I guess that was an after-effect of the complicated birth. The weather was hot, my son was with me, we could not even go for a walk. Breastfeeding helped us a lot.

Gradually, things went very well. My son is one year old now. He runs around, he eats and drinks, he knows a lot of words, knows how to use a pot, shows curiosity to everything in the world. We continue breastfeeding. During the year it has helped us so many times, be that to overcome the consequences of the complicated birth, cease the pain of the new teeth growing or that of an injury, relieve the baby's nervousness, hunger or thirst, help baby sleep, feel secure and even play.

Most importantly, the breastfeeding allowed for a very tight bond between the child and the mother to develop, one through which they can better understand each other. This also is his protection, not only in the form of antibodies and strengthening the immune system, but as an element of an all-powerful maternal love that only I can give him. Therefore, continuing breastfeeding until my son turns two years old is my choice.

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