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Natalya Shpak: «The Basic Rule of Breastfeeding — Demand Creates Supply»

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04 August 2016
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I have two sons aged 4 and 2 years old. I breastfed my elder son up to the age of two and we both felt great. Unfortunately, there were complications during the birth of my second baby, and needed special medical attention.

After discharge from the hospital, I nursed my younger son successfully for one week, and then disaster struck – he developed pneumonia. We were taken to the intensive care where my 10-day old son was separated from me, while I had to stay in the regular ward of the same health facility.

I guess the fear for the life of my son, the lack of sleep and other adverse factors led to my breast, initially full of milk, producing less after 24 hours. For some time, I continued to pump few drops of breast milk every three hours, so that I could pass to my son whatever I had.

A week later, we were together in the regular ward again. I began to breastfeed him. Fortunately, he suckled.

We were discharged from the hospital three weeks later.

I do not know what the mechanics behind this miracle were, but my determination and belief in breastfeeding led us to success! The first night was hard. It was painful to hear a child crying from hunger. He desperately searched for food and suckled. His efforts and my motivation yield the results. The lactation restored to the normal volume, I knew that based on the experience with my first baby.

Up to six months, I was able to exclusively breastfeed my son again, and then started the complimentary feeding.

This very dramatic personal experience led me to a conclusion: the basic rule of the breastfeeding is that the demand creates supply. My younger son is now over 2 years old, and I was able to breastfeed him until the age of two, as recommended by the health experts worldwide.

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