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Breastfeeding – Because It Is Worth It

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07 August 2016
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As I was about to finish my medical university, I became a mother of a beautiful baby girl. I hadn’t yet become a doctor, and was keen to complete my studies.

So, two weeks after my delivery, I went back to school. .

The first six months were certainly difficult, but I received a lot of help from my family. I was advised to take a leave of absence, but I said, “no way, I still have so much to learn.” As a result, in the mornings I would feed my baby, then pump my breast-milk, leave her with her grandmother, and run to school. Then, during breaks I would run home to feed her again. I did this every day.

When I was stressed during exams, I felt that my body would not produce enough milk . I was advised to include baby formula at least in addition to breast milk, but my mother is an obstetrician-gynecologist, and she insisted that it is necessary to continue breastfeeding for the milk to return. Indeed, I tried harder and harder. Lo and behold, milk rushed to my body, and I was able to feed my child again.

In addition, I began to address my stress before appearing for examinations. I would tell myself that everything will be okay, and tried my best not to be nervous so that the milk in my body was not affected.. My body listened to me and adjusted accordingly.

I truly believe that it is better to breastfeed exclusively. My daughter was born in the winter, and when everyone started getting sick, I just breastfed her more often and she stayed healthy throughout the cold season. In fact, she is now 7 months old and has never been seriously ill because breast milk is the best vaccine. From a medical point of view, breast milk does a far better job to protect the child. In addition, every month my daughter gains a kilogram, when usually children gain about 800 grams.

I certainly spent a lot of effort, but I do not regret that I had decided to breastfeed exclusively. With the birth of your child, your priorities change so that everything you do - you do for her. Such happiness is worth the sacrifices.

Author: UNICEF

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