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Greetings to the People of Uzbekistan

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31 August 2016
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UNICEF conveysits greetings to the people of Uzbekistan on the 25th anniversary of the Independence Day.

25 years is an important milestone in the journey of a country, and it is time to reflect over what the country has achieved. Undoubtedly, the Republic has made commendable progress to realize the dreams of a young democracy.

The situation of children in Uzbekistanshows that a child born here may have better chances of survival, better access to education, and better opportunities for care today.

This special occasion is also a time to think about where the country sees itself in the next 25 years.

Uzbekistan begins its journey for the next 25 years towards a more prosperous and healthy future — where children’s mortality rates are reduced; the quality of education is improved; and all children have the love and affection of family care. In short, all children, enjoy all rights, everywhere!

It is significant that since its independence, Uzbekistan has signed and ratified several international conventions, including the Convention on the Rights of the Child. It is a commitment that the Government has made to its people — to fulfil all rights in full measure. The year 2016 is the year of the healthy mother and child, and we hope that this commitment to children will continue.

UNICEF has enjoyed a special relationship with the Government of Uzbekistan for 22 years now. The organization reaffirmsits commitmentto further strengthen the health reforms, the education system and to address issues related to the protection of children in the country.

Once again,UNICEF offersthe best wishes to all the citizens of Uzbekistan on this historic occasion.

UNICEF will continue to support the Government to ensure that all children of Uzbekistan have an equal and fair opportunity to live in a world of dignity, in «a world fit for children».

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