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UNICEF Representative in Uzbekistan visits the Prosecutor’s General Office

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09 February 2017
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Sascha Graumann, UNICEF Representative in Uzbekistan met Zokhid Dusanov, Deputy Prosecutor General, Uzbekistan.

Prosecutor’s General Office plays a key role in carrying out judicial and legal reforms highlighted in the recent Presidential Decree on the Reform of Judicial-legal System. UNICEF reaffirms its commitment to support the government in implementing these important reforms for children.

Deputy Prosecutor General talked about  the progress made in liberalization of the justice system. He also mentioned that during the period of 2000-2016 the rate of offending among children decreased and the number of children having committed crimes dropped. The rate of crimes committed by children in Uzbekistan constitutes only 2.2 per cent of all crimes committed in the country.

“As it was mentioned by the President of Uzbekistan, protection of the rights of the child is our priority as well,” said Zokhid Dusanov. He added that “we have already started working on a draft law to strengthen the rights of minors. After our today’s meeting, with UNICEF’s support we hope to make even more progress in liberalization of the justice system.”

Sascha Graumann and Zokhid Dusanov discussed directions of further cooperation, including introduction of community based measures for children in conflict with law, and improving protection of child victims and witnesses in criminal justice system. It was agreed to focus on developing capacity of justice professionals on implementing child rights. Both organizations also agreed on learning from good international practices and adapting these to Uzbekistan.

“Today’s meeting will be a starting point to an important cooperation.” said Sascha Graumann. He continued that ‘we hope to make substantial achievements in justice system for children, in accordance with the legal and judicial reforms, outlined by the President of Uzbekistan".

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