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Denis Istomin: what makes children grow into successful adults

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06 April 2017

Denis Istomin is one of the most popular sportsmen in Uzbekistan. Denis started his active sports training in early childhood. Since then and up to now his mother, Klavdiya Istomina is his personal coach. This combination of mother’s care and professional training has brought about an outstanding results. Today Denis is well-known for his achievements. He talks about his vision of the importance of parents’ role in the children’s development.


What brought you in tennis? Did you dream about becoming a World renowned tennis player when you were a child?

My mom is a tennis coach. She worked when I was a child. She wanted to keep me around to look after me, so she took me to her work all the time. So what started with just keeping me around, resulted in that at the age of four I started playing tennis and got really involved. Of course, I didn’t even think of choosing a career in sports at that time. I simply liked playing all kinds of games. Kids like sports and games in general. But after I spent a lot of time at tennis courts, started seeing results, won a couple of competitions, I became really interested. Maybe it really depends on a talent. However, the fact that I started playing tennis in early childhood helped me a lot. When a child comes in sports or any other sphere early, it is easier for him/her to succeed in that. Attention to a child from the early years is the key to his/her comprehensive development in general and in a particular sphere. The later a child starts learning, the harder it will be to achieve the results.

Do you think the fact that your mother worked in sports has contributed to your career?

All my achievements thanks to my mother. She always stayed by my side and supported me, despite of her own plans at that time. Even there were moments I didn’t play, she still was there to support and comfort me. Not only mother, both parents should always support their children and direct them in their efforts. 


What message would you send to thousands of children who follow and admire you?

What can I say to youth? Of course going in for sports is quite costly. Sports federation does its best to help out. But parents’ support is important to help a child stay focused and persist. Sports is now open for both girls and boys. The main thing is trust in yourself. In tennis you are alone in the court and only you can decide and become someone. You should believe in yourself regardless whoever is there against you, focus on self-development. There is no sense in pursuing any career if you are not willing or ready to work on constant self-improvement. Once you gain that trust in your own powers, your own talent, you can achieve any goal.  


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