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Eminent people of Uzbekistan join the World Immunization Campaign on April 24-30, 2017

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24 April 2017

“I am a mother of two children. I care for their present and their future,” says Lola Yuldasheva, an eminent singer and UNICEF’s champion for children’s rights in Uzbekistan. “Our responsibility as parents is to protect our children. Personally, I am convinced that vaccination gives each child a chance for a healthy life.”


Like Lola, three more well-known persons – actor Boris Gafurov, businessman Zafar Khashimov and TV presenter Bakhtiyor Turakhanov lent their support to the important cause of immunization. What unites them is the care about the future of their own children and all boys and girls in Uzbekistan. 

On the eve of the World Immunization Week, which is celebrated on April 24-30, Lola, Boris and Zafar gathered in the UNICEF office to discuss their views about the importance of vaccination. Sascha Graumann, the Representative of UNICEF in Uzbekistan expressed gratitude for their contribution to the promotion of immunization. The global communication campaign on World Immunization week is being rolled out by the Ministry of Health, Government of Uzbekistan with support fr om UNICEF. Dilorom Tursunova, National Manager on the Expanded Programme on Immunization of the Ministry of Health was also present during this dialogue with eminent people.


“We cannot underestimate the importance of immunization. It prevents estimated 2–3 million deaths a year, and at the same time, improved global immunization coverage could save at least another 1.5 million children,” says Sascha Graumann. “UNICEF plans to continue collaboration with the Government, partners and communities, to further increase demand for immunization and ensure that we reach every last child. And it is important that celebrities all over the world support UNICEF to ensure that vaccines reach every child.”

While Uzbekistan's indicator on Immunization coverage is 99.7%, there are still children unable to receive the life-saving vaccines due to their parents' unawareness or some myths about side effects.

 “Even well-educated people often do not know wh ere to look for reliable information about vaccinations. We forget that the most reliable source of information is our family doctor, who knows exactly which vaccine and at what time is necessary for our child. Trust your doctor,” says Boris Gafurov.


“In June 2014, the health care system introduced the Rotarix vaccine. As a result, the morbidity of acute diarrhea decreased by 30 percent according to the results of research by the Scientific Research Institute of Virology,” says Dilorom Tursunova sharing the recent achievements on immunization in Uzbekistan. “We will be doing our best to maintain high level of coverage, and ensure sustainable funding for vaccines procurement,” she adds.


Children deserve a fair start in life. Getting them immunized is one of the first steps to building a sustainable and bright future.

“I have two granddaughters and want them to grow up healthy. I know that vaccines help to protect them against dangerous diseases,” says Zafar Khashimov. “Vaccines work!” 


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