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Reporting on Children’s Rights: An Important Opportunity to Improve

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08 May 2017
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Uzbekistan ratified Convention on the Rights of the Child (CRC) in 1994. Uzbekistan is now prepare the fifth Periodic Report to the UNCRC Committee.

For the preparation process, the National Center for Human Rights and UNICEF organized a workshop to draft periodic reports, in which Government organizations of Uzbekistan and civil society organizations participated. It was facilitated by Justice Renate Winter, Vice-President of the UN Committee on the Rights of the Child (UNCRC). She is visiting Uzbekistan to advocate for the implementation of children’s rights and provide guidelines for drafting the State and Alternative Periodic Reports to the UN CRC Committee.

“The report represents an opportunity for Uzbekistan and all signatory countries of the CRC to collect important data and to reflect about what has been done - and what hasn’t - to ensure that children’s rights are secured as per the Convention,” said Justice Renate Winter. “To do this, it is important to provide a detailed perspective of children’s situation in the country. This requires good coordination and well defined roles when preparing a country-wide report.”

Justice Renate Winter highlighted that one of the most common obstacles faced by countries is to define who – within the government and CSO’s - will be responsible for collecting information, and who will monitor and evaluate the implementation of the CRC.

Representatives of the Ministry of Justice and the National Center of Human Rights agreed with the importance of the Report and discussed the frequent problems they face particularly in collecting data. Members agreed to develop a coordinated effort to better answer all the questions made by the Committee within different domains such as: general measures of implementation, civil rights and freedom, family environment and alternative care, and basic health and welfare.

Highlighting reforms and improvements within Uzbekistan over the past 10 years and pointing to additional opportunities for growth, Justice Renate Winter underlined that the success in producing a high-quality report is decisive in enabling the Committee to further support Uzbekistan through relevant recommendations. An instructive moment for all participants, the workshop was another opportunity to strengthen collaboration on guaranteeing the rights of children in Uzbekistan.

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