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Statement by UNICEF Representative in Uzbekistan Sascha Graumann on the recent incident involving students of the Medical College in Tashkent

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07 June 2017

Tashkent, 7 June 2017 – “We express our deep and sincere condolences to the family of Jasurbek Ibragimov, a 17-year old student of the Tashkent Medical College, who passed away on 1 June.

“Bullying in educational institutions is becoming an increasingly alarming issue all over the world, and turns children into victims of violence every day, everywhere.

“Too many people turn a blind eye to violence against children in an educational institution. And too many children who experience violence don’t have the confidence and the means to speak out, to tell a trusted adult, to find a safe space.

“There are ways to address these situations by training teachers and parents, as well as establishing and enforcing codes of conduct that protect children from all forms of violence.

“Peer bullying is prevalent across countries in forms of physical and verbal bullying. Indirect bullying such as humiliation and social exclusion also put children at risk. Bullying behaviours are often a reflection of disadvantage, stigma and discrimination within wider society towards certain groups.

“Children are increasingly exposed to new forms of bullying as social dynamics have shifted over time and with the growing use of information and communication technologies such as the Internet and cell phones.

“UNICEF is supporting many countries around the world to address bullying. The following six strategies have been useful in many countries: i) supporting parents, caregivers and families; ii) helping children and adolescents manage risks and challenges; iii) changing attitudes and social norms that encourage violence and discrimination; iv) training teachers and authorities to provide services for children; v) implementing laws and policies that protect children; and vi) carrying out data collection and research.

“UNICEF stands ready to support the efforts of the Government to combat all types of violence against children, including the issue of bullying in educational institutions.”

Author: UNICEF

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