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Special Course to Help School Children to Better Prepare for Emergency Situations

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19 June 2017
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In June, UNICEF organized the final workshop to assess the introduction of knowledge about disaster risk reduction and safe behaviours in Tashkent. This was done jointly with the Ministry of Public Education and the Ministry of Emergency Situations.

The workshop brought together experts on education and emergencies, as well as teachers, who were involved in testing these educational materials in pilot schools. Participants discussed their findings, recommendations, and suggestions on the process of introducing these materials in curriculum.

“Due to the relevance of this information to their lives, children read these materials with a lot of enthusiasm, and share what they have learned with their families and friends” said one of the participants of the workshop, Abduqahhor Rahimov from Kashqadarya.

The process included assessing the usefulness of materials for teachers, students, and classroom aids. These materials provide children with vital knowledge and skills for dealing with emergency situations. Throughout the academic year, teachers of these pilot schools tested the materials for efficiency, relevance and appropriateness. Feedback from children and teachers were collected during the joint monitoring visits of ministries’ officials and UNICEF.

“Knowledge on actions before, during and after emergency is vital, and it is very important that the child knows correct actions to be taken”, said Anna Maria van Goor, Monitoring and Evaluation Specialist, UNICEF. “Provision of knowledge about disasters, and transforming this knowledge into skill will help children to better cope with disasters”, she added.

Participants of today’s meeting agreed to share the reports from the regions. They also discussed how to improve quality of these educational materials.

Since children are the most vulnerable during emergencies, it is important to gradually introduce this integrated course nationwide to promote safe behaviours among children. 

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