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Breastfeeding: fighting myths, talking facts

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10 August 2017

Every mother wants the best start in life for her baby. What we need to make sure is that every mother knows what is best for her child and how to get this best to them.

On the eve of the World Breastfeeding Week, UNICEF and the National Association of Electronic Mass Media worked together to produce an engaging TV show on  breastfeeding, as part of the series entitled ’Focus on Children’.


Sascha Graumann, UNICEF Representative, Alice Allan, International Expert on Lactationand Minsistry of Health experts expressed their views on the topic. 

The programme also included the real life stories of mothers who shared their exceptional breastfeeding experiences to help motivate many other mothers across the country to adhere to this critical practice, and make them confident that any possible challenges could be confronted with the right knowledge and skills in place.

Well-known personalities like Rayhon Ulasenova, an actress and a TV presenter, and Ruhshona, a popular singer – who are also mothers - participated in the quiz to combat the most wide-spread misconceptions that force mothers to stop breastfeeding early.


Alice Allan presented a simple, yet very visual practical lab demonstration about the unique content of breastmilk, and how perfectly it matches the requirements of a growing brain and body, making it the most appropriate food for the newborns and infants.

Those who missed the broadcast of the interactive TV show on MY5 Channel, can view it on UNICEF Uzbekistan’s Channel on Youtube.

Author: UNICEF

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