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Right to Expression: UNICEF and National Media Association Roll Out Mobile Video Workshops for Young People

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20 September 2017

The mobile smartphone device is increasingly becoming a publishing and broadcasting tool with features like photo and video cameras that allow capturing images and views, while various mobile applications facilitate uploading and sharing opinions and news.

The Convention on the Rights of the Child recognizes the importance of engaging children and young people as active participants in community development, and encourages youth to express opinions on the issues that affect their lives.

On 15-17 September 2017, UNICEF and National Association of Electronic Mass Media (NAEMM) organized a mobile video production workshop in Ferghana. This was the first in a series of events that UNICEF and NAEMM will conduct throughout Uzbekistan, to make it easier for young people to tell their stories and contribute to the country’s development.


“In the last three days I learned how to be a director, camera person, lighting specialist and editor – all in one,” – says Mushtariybegim Yuldasheva, a student from Margilan. “What a great opportunity to share my views on various socially significant issues related to children’s rights using a simple mobile phone,” – she adds.

The workshop was also an opportunity for young and aspiring journalists to come together and discuss the challenges that young people face, and the ways to overcome them by using these media opportunities designed for youth.


“With increasing access to smart mobile phones, creativity and the necessary skills, we can reach out to our peers from various backgrounds, even to those living in remote areas with important messages,” – says Umida Zokirova, a student from Fergana. “I will continue producing mobile videos on different topics, and will share my knowledge with friends, so that our voices could be amplified. We are grateful to UNICEF and NAEMM for this learning opportunity, and for providing the channel to express our views to the public,” – Umida concludes.

A consensus was reached with the workshop participants that they will share their videos with UNICEF and NAEMM on a monthly basis, for dissemination through the organizations’ social media platforms and television network. In turn, NAEMM will continue empowering young people, helping them to realize their right to expression.   


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