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Girls Can: When Dads Listen, Understand and Support

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11 October 2017


Sabina Mustaeva from the age of three showed singing talent and participated in various competitions held in different countries. She has repeatedly become a winner, and today she is striving to make a name in Poland. Sabina says she never thought about whether she had equal opportunities with the boys. She grew up in a family with three sisters, and parents paid great attention to the harmonious development of girls and equal opportunities for all children in the family.

We talked with Sabina's father, Ruslan Mustayev, the Director of the fund "You are not alone" ("Sen yolg’iz emassan") and the Islam Karimov Foundation, as well as Vice-President of the Gymnastics Federation of Uzbekistan and the Asian Gymnastics Confederation.


Only comprehensive care allows the child to grow healthy and flourish

When it comes to raising children, and besides my four, I consider myself in some way the parent of all those children whose lives I tried to improve during the 15-year work in the fund "You are not alone", I believe that the main thing is the balance and harmony. It is necessary to provide a child with the opportunity to develop. He/she is able to do it himself/herself. What’s required is only support, creating conditions and guidance.

If the child shows interest in something, it is necessary to support him/her and give the opportunity to try it. If the child changes interest - do not worry; let them try themselves in the maximum number of directions. If, on the contrary, one gets hung up on only one thing, you need to try to dilute his interests with something in contrast – sport, art or reading books, open air activities.

I believe that it is in childhood that children should be given the most, as they say, to lay the foundation early, taking into account the construction of the "high-rise building", since later on it’ll be extremely difficult to alter the formed personality.

I believe that the family is the best foundation and the stronger and more united the family is, the better the child will develop. From early childhood, we all together helped girls understand their interests and find their own way. While their mom was nurturing the younger ones, my grandmother took elder daughters to various activities, and the grandfather was engaged in music with Sabina and she eventually sang in his jazz quartet.


Our girls have tried many things - swimming, diving, judo, gymnastics, music, and art. My wife and I tried to listen and be with them, and at the crucial moments I tried to guide them either to the other side, or "upwards".

The values are passed down from generation to generation

Despite her achievements, Sabina listens to and trusts the decisions of her parents, as they always take into account her interests. She says she took over from her parents respect for the elders, integrity, honesty and responsibility for her actions, and also following the principle of "treat other people, as you want them to treat you." All this, and of course, her enormous talent, as well as the moral support of her large and friendly family, helps her to strive for achieving new heights.

From girls to girls


You must never give up. You need to be confident and believe that everything will work out, and to think positively. Then, you can also convince parents to help in what you need.

From fathers to fathers

It is necessary to learn how to listen to your children, whether they are daughters or sons, to talk with them. When you listen to them, you understand how to help them, and in what direction to guide them, because each of us wants a better future for our children, and their achievements depend on our efforts.

Author: UNICEF

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