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Voices that Matter: Mobile Phone Video Production Workshop Conducted in Samarkand

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12 October 2017

 “First I was a bit scared of the training and its expectations, but soon I got absorbed into the creative atmosphere, surrounded by engaging and talented people,” – shares his impressions of the learning event Aleksey Turunov, a 13 year old boy fr om Samarkand.  

In September, UNICEF and National Association of Electronic Mass Media organized a mobile phone video production workshop in Samarkand. The second workshop of a series, the event brought together fourteen young and aspiring journalists, to learn the skills for expressing opinions, using smartphones as a storytelling medium.


“On the first day, we learned how to deal with the light, sound, background, focus and some other technical details; on the second day we elaborated our ideas and scripts; and by the end of the third day we had the ready-to-share videos developed,” – Aleksey recounts with excitement and enthusiasm.     

Fourteen videos were produced during the workshop, covering a range of topics of concern for adolescents: from environmental protection to gender equality, and from freedom of expression to healthy lifestyle.


The workshop also served as a platform for the participants to discuss the challenges young people face, and the ways to overcome them through exercising their right to participation.

“I especially enjoyed the session wh ere we discussed various principles of the Convention on the Rights of the Child, and how we can make our rights work in real life,” – says Farangiz Karayeva, 17. “Now, I can share my thoughts and ideas with various audiences through the use of my own smartphone and social media accounts. I wish that more of my peers have these kind of learning opportunities, and understand that their voices really matter,” – Farangiz concludes. 


Author: UNICEF

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