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Ali and Hydroman – the story of his parents who heard his voice

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20 November 2017

About the hero  

Ali from Tashkent dreams of becoming a farmer and nursing plants, crops and animals for the future of the planet. He also enjoys comic strips, and likes very much to build various complex designs from Lego, of which he has 6000 different pieces. Ali likes to play with his friends outdoors and he spends a lot of time in the garden caring for plants, especially during school holidays. 


Ali designed and sent his superhero ‘Hydroman’ to the Climate Change Comics competition, organized by UNICEF. And his creation - ‘Hydroman’ was chosen as a finalist along with the 19 other participants.  More than 3000 designs were submitted fr om all over the world. Ali is the only one fr om Uzbekistan and the youngest among all the finalists; he is only 8 years old.

How it began  

Ali’s dad was scrolling through his Twitter feed in his study with Ali sitting next to him and noticed a UNICEF announcement about the comic strips competition on climate change. Ali asked his dad about it and his father explained him about the competition, about UNICEF, and the problems climate change entails. Ali wanted to participate. After a while, he brought the drawing of ‘Hydroman' and asked his father what he thought of it. Ali’s farther said it was good and offered to help his son finish the drawing, but Ali refused his help. According to Ali's wish, the drawing was sent to the contest the way it was.


About superheroes, mom and dad

Ali believes that a superhero is someone who saves people from harm. If his mother were a superhero, she would be like Hydroman, because she never forgets to water plants and feed her family. And his father, with his strong hands, would control the weather and help people prevent the negative impact of climate change. These are what Ali considers to be his parents’ super powers which he hopes to inherit.

Parents’ views 


Ali’s parents - Botir Dosov and Iroda Vakhabova have special views on parenting which give us some food for thought. They listen to their children at all times, letting them make their decisions and listening to their wishes. So, Ali’s father several years ago used to carry him in his arms from one end of the city to the other, simply because his son was uncomfortable in the car for some reason. In addition, when his eldest son Khondamir wanted to go to his extra classes on the bus for the first time by himself, the father, having put him on the bus and instructed the driver, drove all the way following the bus and watched his son get off at the right stop and reach his destination. The parents trust and listen to their children’s decisions and desires completely.

Child’s voice

Ali’s father Botir, a scientist, analyst and consultant at an international level, is sure that every point of view needs to be listened to, because it carries a completely new perspective that can reveal something different.

Ali’s father told a simple little story about the importance of children's voices. When Ali was small, he really did not like to take a shower, since he was very much against the water and soap getting into his eyes. And that created problems for the family, because they took the wishes of the children very seriously. Ali’s father tried to solve this problem scientifically and creatively - he tried different tear-free shampoos, visors, different positions of the child under the shower, different directions of the water jet ... and one day Ali just said: "Dad, give me my pool glasses". This is when Botir realized that this is a brilliant idea, born in a child's head.  And there may be many more genius ideas. 


Happy today – Happy always

Every child in the family must feel safe and comfortable in a favorable environment of the world, which is his family, wh ere he is understood, encouraged and believed in. A world, where he is not only listened to but also heard, and where he is not put under pressure. Many families are keen on the well-being of the child and impose activities regarded as correct from the parents’ perspective, forgetting that the child has the right to be happy here and now, as well as parents should enjoy parenting and caring for their child.


Author: UNICEF

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