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Focus on youth a necessary step in socio-economic development of Uzbekistan

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25 January 2018

Understanding the challenges and risks faced by children and youth in Uzbekistan is key to ensuring their well-being and plays a major role in helping enhance policies which will benefit them in the long term, UNICEF has said at a major conference of government officials and partners.

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Speaking at a conference, Dialogue With Youth: Problems and Solutions, organized by the Youth Union of Uzbekistan, UNICEF Representative in Uzbekistan, Sascha Graumann welcomed Government efforts to increase active measures that will ensure the protection and safety of youth in the country and presented recommendations to enhance youth policies.

“One third of Uzbekistan’s population is under the age of 18 years old and they will become the largest labor force the country has ever seen in the next two decades,” said Mr Graumann. “Today’s children and youth are faced with numerous global challenges and risks which must be understood and addressed if we are to ensure their well- being and protect their rights.

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“Understanding the risks and challenges they face will not only ensure their well-being but will also play a major role in helping to develop policies which will benefit young people in the long term and take Uzbekistan to the next level of its socio-economic development.”

UNICEF actively supports the Government of Uzbekistan in the realization of youth policies at all levels, Mr Graumann added.

Based on international experiences, UNICEF recommends enhancing youth policies in the following areas: Early childhood development; Ensuring quality education; Developing life skills and improving employability for effective participation in the labor force; Countering negative stereotypes and encouraging social behaviors through the media; Building a comprehensive and unified social and child protection system; Building a well-established juvenile justice system; Supporting youth participation in decision making efforts and ensuring youth policies are fully informed by the challenges, risks and aspirations they face.

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“President Mirziyoyev has in numerous speeches and decrees paid special attention to issues of concern to young people and has called for active measures that will ensure their protection and safety,” said Mr Graumann. “UNICEF is delighted to be working in close collaboration with the Youth Union on issues of concern and ensure a bright future for the millions of children and young people in this country.”

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Author: UNICEF

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