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Girls Can: Make a Choice and Achieve

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08 March 2018

Teenagers Amina and Muazzamkhon were awarded a unique trip to the US after developing a mobile app for children in danger at the Technovation contest in Uzbekistan.


The app includes an SOS button for when a child is danger and immediately sends an SMS to parents’ phone numbers detailing the child's location.

The Technovation initiative, an educational contest for girls to solve social problems through technology, was a unique opportunity for the girls to test their skills and interests out.

“I am lucky to have a very supportive mother,” says Muazzamkhon, 18, when asked about what motivated her interest in technology.


“It is a very important factor, because parents’ inspiration, motivation, and belief in the abilities of their children can really affect lives.”

Amina, who is currently looking forward to studying IT, said it was important to counter stereotypes and prove that women in Uzbekistan can also be successful in the sciences.

“Education should not be considered just as a dowry for a girl to make a good partner. Boys or girls equally deserve to be invested in,” says Amina purposefully.

Muazzamkhon, a medical student, agrees: “Many people believe that IT is more fit for men, however, women with their different thinking can highlight a different perspectives and help to find unique solutions to problems.”

Both girls did not have any IT background before taking part in the Technovation contest. They both say that what they like about IT is the fact that it can be linked to other spheres and both of them decided for themselves to mix their interests in order to get interesting results.

“Always remember that if no girl ever dared to jump as high as she could instead of staying grounded, we would not have many of the inventions that make our life simpler today and many achievements that make us proud,” explains Amina.


“We are humans – all of us. We deserve equal chances and equal rights of choice. When encouraged and supported, girls definitely can achieve great things.”

Author: UNICEF

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