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Paving the Way Forward for the Education Sector Plan 2018-2022

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17 May 2018

United Nations Children’s Fund (UNICEF) in Uzbekistan convened a meeting of the Local Education Group chaired by Ulugbek Inoyatov, Minister of Public Education of the Republic of Uzbekistan. The Local Education Group (LEG) consisting of representatives from education ministries and institutions as well as from International Development Partners discussed various issues and the way forward in developing a comprehensive medium-term sector development plan for improving the equitable access to quality education at all levels. 


Participants acknowledged that the ongoing reforms in the country have accelerated improvements in the education sector. The National Development Strategy 2017-21 has provided a major impetus for education sector reforms and the government has initiated major measures for strengthening policies, and improving quality and demand for preschool education.

The new Education Sector Plan will focus on improving the quality of education”, said Ulugbek Inoyatov, Minister of Public Education. “A special emphasis will be put on teacher workforce development and producing quality learning materials,” – Minister Inoyatov added.


As Uzbekistan is committed to achieve Sustainable Development goals (SDG) and SDG 4 focuses on education sector with its ten targets encompasses different aspects of education, the country is intensifying efforts in the areas of early childhood education, primary and secondary education, technical/vocational and higher education. The focus, in addition to addressing access and equity issues, is also on inclusiveness and quality of education.

“A study on demographic characteristics of Uzbekistan is telling us that in about twelve to fifteen years Uzbekistan will have its largest working-age population and the smallest dependent population”, - said Sascha Graumann, UNICEF Representative in Uzbekistan. “This large working-age population can only boost the development of the country if they receive relevant, high quality education today. The need for better quality education is not only an important feature that needs to be included in the next Education Sector Plan, but it needs to be considered in the development of the regulations for the Law on State Youth Policy,” – Sascha Graumann added.


Participants of the meeting also agreed that the new Education Sector Plan should be built on the foundations of the first ESP. The increasing focus should be on educational processes and more importantly, on educational outcomes. To have a more effective system of education the evidence-based programming needs to be introduced in education sector and needs to include studies, researchers and evaluations in the new ESP to make sure programmes are designed and implemented more effectively and efficiently. evidences and internationally comparable and robust data.

UNICEF will continue working closely with the Government in education sector, including in the revision of the Law on Education, policies for inclusive education and teacher workforce development, and finalizing the Education Sector Plan for 2018-2022. 

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