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Conversations about Breastfeeding

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05 August 2018

Kristina Frolova, Accountant

In our days, it would seem like a person chooses how to live. However, in fact, it turns out quite the opposite. The same is with breastfeeding – a mother cannot always count on support from relatives and society.

There is more of criticism if you break out of the average norm of the last century. When I gave birth to my child, I firmly decided that I would feed my child the way it would fit my baby and me, not my environment. No timetable, no schedules, and no regimens.

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For two years of breastfeeding, I had to hear all kinds of ‘advice’ from my relatives and friends. In the first weeks of breastfeeding, I was told that it was not normal not to have a breastfeeding schedule, and that I should stick to one. Then, they would tell me that it's not normal to feed a child too frequently since I do not have enough breast milk anyway. After the first year of breastfeeding, they started joking: “Hopefully, you're not going to breastfeed your daughter until her school age." Some friends of mine would say that mothers who breastfeed their children for long are crazy.

I had support, but there was less support than there was negative attitude, and that can affect your life quite a lot.

Most importantly, despite the lack of understanding, I did not leave the path I selected from the beginning. I gave my child what she needed so much, my breast milk and support, which were necessary for the baby's good and healthy development!

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