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My Story of Breastfeeding

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08 August 2018

Kamila Fatikhova, HIV/AIDS Consultant, UNICEF in Uzbekistan

My experience of breastfeeding can be divided in two stages. The first stage was related to breastfeeding of my first daughter who was born very prematurely (on the 31st week of pregnancy).

This was our family’s first experience of breastfeeding. It was very complex and short, it lasted only five months, of which for exactly two months our child learned to suck breast and swallow milk. When my elder daughter was five months old, I learned that I was pregnant again. Until that time I, like many other mothers, believed that during breastfeeding my child, I did not have to worry about getting pregnant. But the reality proved the opposite. Based on the recommendation of the doctors, I had to stop breastfeeding because of the risk of spontaneous abortion.


My second daughter will soon be one year old, and experience of breastfeeding has been completely different with her. I continue to breastfeed her. Interestingly, it is with my second daughter that I fully feel the joy of breastfeeding, I feel a very close connection with her.

In the process of breastfeeding, there are nuances that I have discovered for myself. It is very important to start breastfeeding the baby in the first minutes after the birth. It is important to continue breastfeeding for as long as possible. Breast milk is the best way to protect a child from infections: for example, from the moment of my daughter's birth up to the present day, she has never been sick and had no side effects from the vaccinations. Also, my baby feels connected to me very strongly during breastfeeding, and every time my daughter is being naughty or stressed – breastfeeding is our magic wand!

During breastfeeding, I also get an opportunity to rest. Especially at night, as you do not need to get up and cook baby formula, as was the case with my first daughter, after I had to stop breastfeeding her.


The most important part of breastfeeding for me has always been the support of my husband. He encourages me, praises my daughter for a good appetite and says that the best thing in nature is the gift of "our Mom" and that is her milk, which is good for health, it is always there and always of the right temperature.

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