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Every Girl Deserves a Good Education and Profession

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12 October 2018

Probably many men want a son. At one time, this applied to me also. When my wife and I waited for the first child, I was mentally prepared to rejoice whether it would be a boy or a girl. The most important thing was that the child is healthy. Then my daughter was born. Later, we had two more girls in our family.

Sometimes my wife Gavharkhon would jokingly say that I love my daughters very much, and therefore the Almighty sends us only girls. I am very grateful to destiny for this wonderful gift of fathering three girls.

My wife and I have always strived to ensure proper support for the best education of our children, so that they can realize their potential to the full in their favorite profession. All our daughters study or work in the field that they chose themselves.

Our elder and middle daughters, Shakhnozakhon and Lazizakhon, graduated from different Universities in Tashkent. They love their professions, and regularly enhance their professional skills. Moreover, it does not interfere with their happy family lives. They are mothers themselves, and the keepers of the family hearth.

I often hear people say that informational technology, science, economics and business are not meant for girls. Many families believe that professions such tailoring, nurse or teacher, are the only suitable jobs for girls. I myself am a mathematician, and I disagree with such stereotypes. Using my family's example, I can say with confidence that every girl, just like boys, can be an excellent computer programmer, scientist, architect or an entrepreneur and get a good job in the labor market.

My youngest daughter, Lobarkhon, studies at a medical college. Our whole family supports her desire to become a medical professional. I believe that it is the understanding, support, as well as investment in their education that play an important role in the development of an individual.

I am sure that every child, both boys and girls, come to this world to be happy. Therefore, we must respect their rights, which are the same regardless of whether the child is a boy or a girl.


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