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1.3 million

Children still grow up separated from their families in Eastern Europe and Central Asia.

Addressing the Needs of Vulnerable Children Left Behind by Migrant Parents

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19 October 2018

This assessment is part of the project implemented by the Women’s Committee of Uzbekistan and UNICEF, and funded by the European Union. 

In Uzbekistan, data on situation of children left behind by migrant parents is very limited. The planned study will provide reliable information to develop recommendations to mitigate the negative consequences of migration.

This project will also identify the most vulnerable children and households for immediate counselling and support by a trained team.

On 12 October 2018, experts from the Women’s committee of Uzbekistan, ‘Oila’ Centre and UNICEF met in Tashkent to discuss the ways to ensure timely and effective implementation of this project.

“In Uzbekistan, information on children affected by migration is rather scarce, which causes hurdles in evidence based planning and program development’,” said Furkat Lutfulloev, Child Protection Specialist, UNICEF Uzbekistan. “The purpose of this study is not only to assess negative impacts of labor migration on households, but also to design an action plan to address vulnerabilities of children,” he added.

During the meeting, the participants considered methods of gathering information as well as ethical standards for working with migrants’ families, especially vulnerable children.


“This is the first major study in Uzbekistan focusing on children left behind by their migrant parents,” said Botir Mavlyanov, expert, ‘Oila’ Centre. “We are confident that the study can provide a deeper understanding of this issue. Analysis of collected data will help to prepare evidence based recommendations for improving the social services.”

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