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Government of Uzbekistan explores ways to save lives of newborn children

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08 November 2018


Representatives of the Legislative Chamber of Oliy Majlis, governmental and non-governmental agencies, international organizations and health care professionals from all regions of Uzbekistan participated in the National consultation on reducing preventable newborn death and improving the quality of newborn care.

According to a recent UN report on global child mortality, the world has made remarkable progress in child survival and millions of children have better survival chances than in 1990. However, the report also mentions that despite this progress over the last two decades, in 2017 alone, 5.4 million children died before their fifth birthday. Out of these, 2.5 million children did not live beyond their first month.

While a significant reduction in under five mortality brings cause for celebration in Uzbekistan, 57% percent of under five deaths occur in the neonatal period (first 28 days), according to official data.

“While we commend the Government of Uzbekistan for its efforts to save the lives of children, the rate of newborn babies dying here is still high. This is unacceptable, as many of these newborn babies could have been saved,” said Sascha Graumann, Representative, UNICEF Uzbekistan. “Improvements in newborn and maternal health are also critical for the overall development of the country,” he added


According to different studies, every dollar invested in preventing maternal, newborn and child mortality gives manifold return to the investment. Investing in children’s health reduces poverty and stimulates economic productivity and growth.

Participants analyzed the situation of newborns’ health in Uzbekistan. They discussed the ways to improve neonatal care and developed recommendations for ending preventable newborn deaths.

Key decision makers from the Ministry of Health and other experts agreed to find workable solutions that can improve access to cost effective quality health care for newborns, and make a difference in the lives of babies in Uzbekistan.

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