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Health Experts Discuss Prevention of Infections in the Health Care Facilities of Uzbekistan

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29 November 2018

Nosocomial infections, also known as hospital-acquired or heath care associated infections, are one of the most pressing health issues in all countries around the world. Disinfection and sterilization in hospitals remains a global priority.

International evidence shows that nosocomial infections are acquired by 5-20 per cent of hospitalized patients. The strategic goal of the healthcare system, therefore, is to ensure quality of care and patient safety.

To address this concern, on 29-30 December 2018, the Ministry of Health organized a conference with participation of health experts, professionals and decision-makers in Tashkent. This initiative was supported by UNICEF.

Participants of the conference entitled "Modern approaches to prevention of health care associated infections" discussed their challenges and key strategies for prevention of hospital acquired infections.

Participants also discussed the situation related to HIV in the country. National and international health experts brainstormed on the ways to provide quality medical care to persons living with HIV.

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