Fast facts

44% of children

In 12 of 29 CEECIS countries are at risk of not developing to their potential due to poverty, stunting or both.

Quote of the month

The more children in conflict with the law are shut out of society, the harder it is for them to heal. Progress has been made but justice is often blind to children’s needs. Justice systems must adjust to meet the rights of all children.

Yoka Brandt, UNICEF Deputy Executive Director


UNICEF maintains the highest level of integrity in its procurement activities. The organisation evaluates and registers suppliers with which it does business. It also ensures that all potential suppliers are subject to the same conditions, and that the information received is confidential. UNICEF follows the Common Guidelines for Procurement by Organisations in the UN System. The objective of procurement activities within UNICEF is the timely acquisition of the right goods and services, while ensuring that they:

  • Are required for UNICEF's mandate;
  • Are procured in a competitive manner, to ensure fairness, integrity and transparency;
  • Are economic and effective;
  • Are best value for money.


  • Only purchases goods and equipment needed to implement its mandate;
  • Purchases primarily from manufacturers and authorised representatives;
  • Evaluates and registers suppliers with whom it does business;
  • Uses competitive tendering for all procurement;
  • Invites an appropriate geographical range of suppliers to tender;
  • Purchases products that comply with recognised technical standards;
  • Does not purchase from companies that employ child labour, or manufacturer land mines and their components (see below).

Procurement opportunities will be published on the UNICEF Uzbekistan website, and all interested companies are encouraged to bid. They will be given due consideration and examination, in terms of their suitability and adherence to the minimum requirements of the ITB/RFP/RFQ.

Due to the high volume of applications submitted, UNICEF Uzbekistan cannot accept unsolicited applications, if they are not related to a published bid.

Tenders are announced in Russian