Quote of the month

We support the continuum of care: everything from trying to support vulnerable families so they don’t have to relinquish their children; to permanent foster care; to having a child with his or her extended family on a permanent basis.

Susan Bissel, UNICEF Chief of Child Protection

Fast facts

3.8% of national income

Was spent by low-income countries on education in 2011, compared to 2.9 per cent in 1999.


The Institute for Social Research

The Institute for Social Research under the Cabinet of Ministers operates in a number of areas. These include the monitoring, analysis and prediction of the population’s standard of living, the organisation of sociological research to assess the livelihoods of the national population from a regional perspective, the state regulation of social development and the improvement of the population’s living standards, and the study of the results of leading foreign research. The institute is a UNICEF partner in social policy programmes aiming to develop a child-sensitive, equity-focused social protection system. The institute also leads the Social Protection Inter-Agency Group.

Website: http://www.gov.uz/en/government/organisations/10031

The Uzbek State World Languages University

The Uzbek State World Languages University is one of Uzbekistan’s leading higher educational institutions that train specialists in English, German, French, Spanish, Chinese and Russian philology. It also offers courses in the theory and practice of translation, and in international journalism. The university partners with UNICEF in providing training to journalism students, regarding child rights-based reporting.

Website: http://www.uzswlu.uz/

The Centre for Economic Research

CER is an independent, non-profit research institution established jointly by the Government of the Republic of Uzbekistan and UNDP. CER provides analytical advice to the government, and conducts research regarding a wide range of development issues. As part of its mandate, the CER contributes to national capacity building and public awareness in regards to key issues regarding social and economic development. The centre has been involved in conducting UNICEF Uzbekistan research studies regarding children’s issues.

Website: http://www.cer.uz

The ‘Alisher Navoi’ National Library

The ‘Alisher Navoi’ National Library of Uzbekistan, under the Cabinet of Ministers, is a nationwide, universal information and library facility. It organises and carries out information and library work for the development of national and world culture, science and education. The ‘Alisher Navoi’ National Library cooperates with UNICEF in child rights promotion, and in sharing knowledge on a wide range of children’s issues.

Website: http://www.natlib.uz

The Academy of Public Administration

The Academy of Public Administration under the President of the Republic of Uzbekistan is the leading national educational institution for the training, retraining and advanced training of government and administration officials, and the heads of public organisations, associations and economic structures. It also conducts research within the field of the personnel policy of the Republic of Uzbekistan. The academy is a UNICEF partner in building the capacities of civil servants, specifically those operating in the field of child rights, to effectively implement programmes for children.