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In collaboration with national and international partners, UNICEF has worked to improve standards of healthcare in Uzbekistan. Initiatives in this field have included integrating international standards and practices into safe mother and child care, training healthcare providers, and supporting high impact, cost effective maternal and child health programmes. UNICEF is also dedicated to enhancing preventative medicine in Uzbekistan. Within this field the agency has conducted nationwide immunisation initiatives, developed and ensured the implementation of laws regarding nutrition and food fortification, and promoted exclusive breastfeeding through the Baby-Friendly Hospitals Initiative, advocacy programmes and public awareness campaigns.

UNICEF has promoted the integration of HIV prevention, care and support into general health services. Voluntary and confidential testing has been integrated into antenatal care, in order to help prevent mother-to-child transmission, enhance the capacities of paediatric AIDS services, and improve access to care and treatment for HIV-positive children. HIV prevention among at-risk adolescents has also been promoted through youth-friendly health services, peer-based community outreach and support, and strategic communication and counselling.