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A Thank-you Letter to a Dearest Husband and a Caring Father

You are brave because you have been around and supported us at the very responsible moment - since the first moment of your fatherhood!


You are caring, because you don’t feel lazy to get up early in the morning and give a massage to our son so that he can grow healthy and strong, and continue the tradition of sports in our family!


You were not afraid of diapers, baby colic and other newborn stuff! You always knew how to make the sweet little baby feel better!


You are understanding and helpful, because you know how hard it is to be a mom and a student at the same time!


You are generous, because you always leave the best slice to me and our son!

You are strong because having to take flights back and forth with a bunch of suitcases and a little baby doesn’t scare you!


You are and will be the super dad to our child!


Author: Leyla Akhmedjanova

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