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Early Moments Matter: Superdads Have Wings

I did not believe miracles happen in life until I held my daughter for the first time.


Joy, excitement, strength, motivation and responsibility embraced me, and I felt that this is all what really matters... That this is the true meaning of life – to give her all the love and care, sing her lullabies at 3 AM in the morning and still go to office with a wide smile and full of energy.


To get excited when she says “daddy” for the first time, hold her hands when she makes her first step, see her off for the first school day, record a video of her swimming, cooking for the first time, tell her that I will be there for her forever... 


I just want to be the best dad, do whatever it takes. I can even fly. I have wings now, because I am a father now.

Author: BoburMirzo Komilov

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