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Letter to a husband: You are our rock, my star, their superdad.

From the day I met you, I knew you would always be there for me.

You never failed me. What I didn’t know at the time, was how much of yourself you would give to our children.
From the moment our daughter was born and brought to intensive care you stayed with her, feeding her, dressing her, holding her when I could not, until the nurse told you to go home. 


From the moment our son was born you were there with me cuddling and caring for him through our many sleepless nights. When I had the opportunity to work with UNICEF in Nepal, again you supported me fully. You gave up your job and your promotion without ever complaining and started caring for our daughter and 3 month old baby boy full time. Those were tough and precious times. It was hard to manage breastfeeding while working and I could never have done it without your support.


Throughout that time, you never tired of chatting to our daughter, having whole conversations with her on the way back from school. No wonder she is such a chatty one! Every night you are there for them reading them books and singing them songs, in Dutch no less. 


Until this year, you had never been away from them a single night. Every day you brought them to school and were there to pick them up. You never skipped a single day. You were there for their first day at pre-school, visits to the doctor, through the earthquake. Most of all, I love how you make them laugh and giggle while playing with them, my favorite sound in the world.


Although I know you doubt yourself sometimes, I don’t know anyone who is as patient, gentle and caring as you are. I am so grateful they have you as a role model to show them what a father can be. You are our rock, my star, their superdad. 


Author: Anna Maria Vangoor

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