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Early Moments Matter: Superdads Want to Do Their Part

Sergey loves taking care of our girl Diana. She is already two and a half years old.

He bathes her from the very first days and it is one of his responsibilities. Diana prefers him bathing her over me. When mom is there, bathing is quick and silent. But when dad is there, she sings songs, plays with the ducks and it takes a while. 


When she was younger, her dad never missed changing a diaper, or waking up in the middle of the night to give her a medicine for colic.

Despite being tired after work, he spends all his evening with her - Diana plays with him, rides him like a horse, and they laugh big time. She loves the massage of the belly and legs that her dad gives her every night – and this way he lays her down to sleep.


If our daughter feels sick, he usually takes a day off from work to take her to the doctor, as he feels her condition needs him. Even if he has to be at work, he keeps calling to find out if she is better.

On weekends our daughter wakes up early and Sergey kindly lets me sleep a little longer. He gets up with her, makes her breakfast, helps her wash up and get dressed.


Sometimes when I need to go out shopping or meet someone, Diana happily stays with dad – they walk, go to the playground or visit grandma. He never forgets to feed her and let her nap, and then he finally has some time to watch his favorite Discovery Channel!

Author: Luiza Jasmin

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