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Early Moments Matter: Superlove for Superdad

My name is Alexander, I am a father of two wonderful daughters. Evdokiya is already four and Evgeniya will soon turn two years old.


Now I spend more time with my younger one, as she needs more attention, but when it comes to leisure and play – we spend time altogether. We draw, sculpt, paint, read, walk, cycle or scoot and simply have fun.

I could tell a lot of stories about what my daughters undergo almost every day, but this time I would love to share the fact that surprises me and my wife and at the same time makes me feel precious.


I love my daughters the same amount, so I try to share my time and attention between them evenly. The interesting fact is that my younger daughter prefers to sleep only with me. She waves goodbye to everyone else, letting them know that it is her time with dad exclusively, so others can do something else.


We tried to get her to sleep in her own room, in her own bed, but we were unable to do that. She decided she would fall asleep only when I am there with my arms around her.

Author: Alexander Yakhin

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