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Breastfeeding Story: Not Luck, but Hard Work

My name is Matluba. I am the mother of three children, and I have experience of continuous breastfeeding from 2010 to 2016. I breastfed my eldest son 3.5 years and stopped only on the 8th month of pregnancy, having learned that I was pregnant with twins. It is not that I was eager to breastfeed my son after 3.5 years, I just wanted to breastfeed him until he weans himself.


Pregnancy and childbirth were heroic, and I'm not afraid of using this word. The question of whether I could breastfeed them did not even stand.

Breastfeeding the twins lasted 2.5 years. Perhaps, it would have lasted longer, but the last year of breastfeeding was quite complicated. I suffered from a very painful eczema of the nipples because of their overuse for their intended purpose.

I once wrote to one popular international group that supports breastfeeding. I did it because I was tired of hearing the comments like: "You can breastfeed two; you have enough milk, how lucky you are!" I, of course, am lucky, but I believe that bringing up two children through breastfeeding is not only luck, but, first and foremost, a lot of work. Breastfeeding even one is a lot of work. Therefore, I would like to support all mothers, who feed their babies with their milk. It is great, just because it's natural. It was breastfeeding that allowed me, a mother with many kids, without any help, to cope with them alone, to walk, to travel throughout Asia, to feel normal on intercontinental flights, t o sleep in any conditions and under any climate. It also helped to save a lot of money, not to mention promote health.


When I hear comments about my luck with being able to breastfeed two, I first try to politely explain how the "supply-demand" principle works. The female body is organized in such a way that once it was able to conceive and bear, it will be able to rear.

Putting to bed three children at the same time, having two of them on my chest on both sides, I stay awake and patiently wait for them to fall asleep. Only then can I take care of myself or my house.


If someone thinks that when children reach 19 months food and water would be sufficient, and Mama's milk is not needed, ask my children, they do not think so. Every day I bake pancakes, make omelettes and healthy squash pies and the kids eat those. They drink water, compote, and the rest. But nothing replaces breast milk for them. It's just their need, the need to be attached, at least for a little while. Then, they feel happy and peaceful, and go on to do what they want.

I was lucky! I have enough milk and patience to feed my children, who are already much older than one year. And this is truly a miracle!


Author: Matluba Mustaeva

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