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Breastfeeding Story: Can't Breastfeed? Give Breast Milk!

When my second daughter was 2 months old, she unfortunately gave up her breastfeeding. There were several reasons, both emotional and technical.

Probably, many cannot even imagine how this can happen. I was in a panic. I breast-fed my first daughter, and I consider breastfeeding to be the holy grail of caring for an infant. Many attempts were made to return my daughter to breastfeeding, but, alas...


Having invited a consultant and spending the whole day with her, I heard a verdict: it's impossible to bring her back to breastfeeding! Of course, it was possible to keep trying but to the detriment of the health of both of us!

I was terribly upset, but I was not taken aback. I bought this miracle breastmilk pump and started to learn how to provide breast milk for the little baby day and night! It is important to learn, since pumping is much more difficult and is not always a simple process for everyone. Thanks to a competent consultant and an international forum "Milk Cafe" on Facebook, I figured it out, and I fed the baby with breast milk for 9 months, which I am very proud of.


I am definitely all for breast milk, but I will never judge those who feed with formula, since there can be a lot of reasons to that! However, I should note that having prepared well, it is possible to exclude almost any unpleasant surprises that might prevent breastfeeding.

Author: Yulia Dorfman-Gutmanovich

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