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Breastfeeding Story: It's Good for Older and Younger Babies

Hearing about the benefits of mother's milk, I decided to breastfeed my eldest son to at least two years of age. But suddenly, when he was 1 year and 2 months old, I learned that we were expecting a little brother for him, and I was already on the 16th week of pregnancy!

Before that, I did not notice anything, since I did not have any toxicosis at all . My son also did not show any signs of change, and I was determined to continue breastfeeding. However, the tests showed a sharp decrease in hemoglobin level, and, reluctantly, I had to wean my eldest baby boy.

When the youngest was born, for the first month of his life, I had too much milk for the little crumb. The milk stagnated in the breast, which made it hard and heavy. I had pains, especially at night ... And suddenly it dawned on me: why should I not continue to breastfeed my elder son? Maybe not breastfeeding, but with breast milk! I bought a breast pump, expressed excess and gave the oldest son. For more than a month he was able to receive all the vitamins and benefits of mother's milk!


The junior was on breastfeeding exclusively up to 6 months of age. At every medical examination in the family polyclinic, he weighed a little above the norm and remained a healthy and active child!

Is not this the benefit of breastfeeding? 

Author: Sabokhat Sadikova

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