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Breastfeeding Story: Thank you, Mom

In 1987, my beloved mother gave birth to me by Caesarean section, and fell into a coma for a week. As you know, no one ever thought of putting me to her breast at the time - saving my mother was the priority for them!

When all the horrors were over, my mother was given me and sent home. By herself, without advisers or the Internet, figured things out about breast feeding . She listened to no one and breastfed me until the age of 3 years, thanks to which I have a strong immune system. At the same time, she began to work when I turned 1.5 years old. She led an up-and-coming life, and I went to a kindergarten.


She is my super hero!

Thank you, my dear mother, you did everything right!

Author: Olesya Khayrutdinova

Photo: Author's archive

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