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Breastfeeding Story: Busting the Myths

I want to share my experience with breastfeeding. It might be interesting to mothers whose kids are a year apart from each other.

I gave birth to the eldest daughter in September 2015. Thank God, my breast milk came on the third day and in a very large amount. I gave her breasts on demand, until she was full. At the age of 6 months, I began supplementing food with vegetables. I still gave breast milk on demand. Everything was wonderful.


Since the 7th month, we have started to introduce baby food to supplement the favorite treat, breast milk. And then I found out that I was pregnant again. For me, this surely was a surprise. Toxicosis was mild, not as in the first pregnancy.

There was a question of what to do about breastfeeding. I decided to consult a doctor. I felt well, my daughter did not refuse to suckle breast, as often happens in such cases otherwise. Before the visit to the doctor, I read a huge amount of articles from the internet. They wrote that if the health allows, you could continue feeding.

However, the doctor scared me by saying that we must urgently wean, or the child will be born inferior. I left the doctor's office upset and confused. I felt sorry to wean my daughter , and I decided to breastfeed her for as long as possible, and at the same time I ate everything that my body demanded, took vitamins and rested almost all the time.

Closer to the 6th month of pregnancy, I noticed that my breastmilk was almost gone. By that time my daughter ate almost everything from adults' menu .But even then I did not wean her from my breast, as I understood that for her it would be a great stress. At the time of feeding, I felt uncomfortable, my breast hurt, but for the sake of my child, I was ready to endure.

At the 8th month of pregnancy, I realized that I should wean my daughter. By this time she ate everything from the general diet. Once she got sick and refused to eat, and even did not ask for breast. That night she fell asleep without a breast. To my happiness, she simply forgot about the breast.

A month later I gave birth on time. My breastmilk also came on the third day and, thank God, and I still breastfeed to this day.


Based on my experience, I want to say that you can feed during pregnancy if you are feeling well, eat fully and, most importantly, have time to rest. I want to add that my second daughter was born weighing 3 kilograms 100 grams, with a height of 52 centimeters. My breastfeeding up to the 8th month of pregnancy did not affect her development.

I hope my story will be useful to many mothers as a motivation to continue breastfeeding, which is so important for their kids. 

Author: Nargiza Dadabaeva

Photo: Author's archive

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