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Breastfeeding Story: The Miracles of Breast Milk

I am a mother of three wonderful children. I am quite experienced in breastfeeding. It so happened that my third pregnancy was extremely difficult. My long-awaited daughter, my little treasure, our "Thumbelina" was born on the 31st week. At the beginning of pregnancy everything went wrong. In October 2016, on the 21st week, I was put in a hospital. My daughter and I were discharged from there only in mid-February 2017. Due to the fact that my Alima was born 9 weeks earlier, she could not suckle for long periods of time. So the main part of the breastmilk I gave her through the tube.


The first weeks of my girl's life were very hard both physically and psychologically. I remember the tears of happiness, when my girl, who at that time weighed about 1 kilogram and 800 grams, first made several sucking movements. I remember how I dreamed of the days when my baby and I would forget about the tube, about the endless decanting every 2 hours and just enjoy breastfeeding.

Having no experience of breastfeeding after an emergency cesarean section, several times I was ready to put an end to attempts to tune up the lactation, because the milk came only a week after the surgery. Prior to that, I would express a few drops of colostrum. That was the only time when my girl ate donor milk. Thanks to the support of my mother, husband and doctors, I managed to establish lactation.

Now my baby is almost 6 months old. She is a smiling happy girl, who sincerely rejoices at seeing me. All the doctors, who have visited us at the reception, say that she meets the developmental norms of 5-month-old children. At any rate, all these graphs do not bother me and my daughter, since my Alimochka is developing according to her individual scheme. She is healthy!


During all this time I have read a lot of literature about premature babies. I talked to doctors who always supported and helped me. I knew what difficulties could await me and my daughter, praying that everything was fine with us! I am convinced that, thanks to our efforts to preserve lactation, we managed to avoid the frequent complications that occur in prematurely born children.

Thanks to my baby's stamina, days full of despair and tears are behind me. I understand that, perhaps, we will still face some difficulties in the future.However, I know that we will be able to overcome all these difficulties! I am grateful to God that I am a mother of this wonderful girl who fills my heart with infinite tenderness and love.


Dear moms of little children, do not despair! Believe in the best and fight to the last to ensure that your baby has the happiness of breastfeeding. Mom's milk works wonders! 

Author: Mashkhura Sabirova

Photo: Author's archive

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