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Breastfeeding Story: Not Only Useful, but Also Convenient and Economical

My baby is a real miracle for our family. After 7 years of infertility! And then the test showed that I was pregnant. Then for the first time I heard the heartbeat of our little kidney bean, as the ultrasound doctor called her. Then natural childbirth and there was my baby, in my arms. Of course, like many mothers, I read about the tremendous benefits of breastfeeding and demanded that my daughter be put on my breast immediately in the delivery room.

My struggle for breastfeeding was not easy. We were discharged fr om the maternity hospital with some complications. Following the doctor’s instructions, I began to give the child a medicine diluted in breast milk, despite my health problems. I had to take antibiotics for 21 days and make a puncture in my breast wh ere the pus was pumped out. So I and my daughter really fought for breastfeeding and we won! I breastfed her for two years and 2 months.


According to our pediatrician, my daughter, being exclusively breastfed, had a significant excess of weight by 4 months. However, her sweet folds prevented me from putting her into diet food as doctors recommended. After my mastitis, I was thin, but with a chubby and sweet little baby girl in my arms.

What is breastfeeding for me? It's convenience! Food and drink are always in the right consistency and temperature. No problems on the road. The coolest thing is when a child wakes up at 5 or 6 in the morning, and you have ready meals. I breastfeed her, she eats, we cuddle, and go back to sleep.

This is an economic choice for the family's budget, because the good infant formulas are not cheap. You can’t be always sure of the quality of transportation and storage of those infant formulas. Breast milk is easier - you always control the process yourself!

Author: Muhabbat Turkmenova

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